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Sunrise Plaza Sponsors

Plaza Patrons

Rotary Club of Birmingham
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Medical Properties Trust

Raymond and Kathryn Harbert

Plaza Leaders

Plaza Partners

Robert Meyer Foundation

Susan Mott Webb Foundation

Hugh Kaul Foundation

Dunn-French Foundation

Williams Blackstock Architects

Trail Blazers


McKinney Foundation

Jill and Andrew Edwards

Phyllis and David Hall

Kelli and Norman Jetmundsen

Lisa and Charlie Miller

J. Claude Tindle

Trail Leaders

M2 Ventures

Ruth and Sandy Bean

Austin Creel

Cindy and Chad Crowther

Augusta and David Dowd

Brittany & Matt Foley

Julie and Nathan Marcus

Justin Nelson

Diane and Jim Richardson

Deborah M. and John Smith

Trail Partners

Susan and James Alison

Jane and Keith Arendall

Molly and Lee Bowron

Lauren and Jason Bryant

A. Catlin Cade

Sarah and Kevin Carter

Jeffrey Cohn

Laura and Elliott Colebeck

Jennafer and Ryan Collins

Anna and Jim Cooper

Anna and Chan Cox

Carson Crowe

In Memory of Ann Harvey and Cindy Harvey Daube

Anna and Counce Drinkard

Janet and Mike Ellis

Antoinette and Ron Flowers

Gina and Chris Grace

Vikki and Ken Grodner

Ann and David Gulledge

Beth and Bill Gunn

Leigh Anne and Mark Haas

In Honor of Alec Harvey

In Memory of Stewart Harvey

Jen and Brian Heslop

Chris Hoyt

Mitch Hungerpiller

Brenda and David Keith

Cooper Killion

Katy and David Killion

Nancy and Jack Kimberly

Lindsey and Barry Labovitz

Jon and Ashley Lewis

Allyson and John Martin

V. Hugo Marx III

Beth and Bill McDavid

Pam and Dan Monroe

Elisa and Aaron Nelson

Kristina and Darrell O’Quinn

Kim and Ham Poynor

Madeline and Jake Reiss IV

Anne and Peyton Sherrod

Hatton C V Smith

Helen Catherine and Clinton Smith

James Thomas Somers

Patricia and Michael Tate

Susan and Hugh Thomas

Beth & Chris Wilder

Rita and Drew Wright

Jesse C. Zora