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Nomination Process

Nominating a New Member for Membership into the Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club

  1. When someone wants to nominate a new member, they should fill out the form in the 2nd tab titled Nomination Form and email it to Janet Ellis at

    ***Be sure to discuss the financial and time commitments with each prospect just to be sure they are aware of the details.

    The one-time initiation fee is $300. (This is adjusted if the nominee is a current or aging out member of Rotaract. That fee is also waived if the nominee is transferring from another Rotary club.)

    Quarterly dues are $250, which covers the breakfast costs, administration costs, Rotary international and district dues, and also the $25 per quarter donation to the Paul Harris fellowship program.

  2. After the nomination form is received by the club secretary, it will then be circulated to the board members for approval.

  3. The nominee is then posted in 2 consecutive weekly bulletins.

  4. After the nomination has been posted for 2 weeks, the secretary will then invoice the nominee for the initiation fee (if applicable and the first quarter’s dues.)

  5. Once those fees have been received, the new member will receive an email welcoming them to the club. The sponsor will introduce him/her to the club at the next available breakfast meeting. The new member will be added to the calendar as the greeter for 4 upcoming meetings.

  6. Each member is asked to participate in at least 2 projects each year. These have a very small amount of time commitment involved.

  7. Any questions, email Club Secretary, Janet Ellis, at